Hello, my name is Naaz.

My name is Naaz and I am a thirty-something year-old with a wordsmith passion. I love the world. I love people. And I love to tell stories wherever I happen to be and how ever I happen to feel.

I am here to write with honesty, write with wit, write with gumption, without a worry about consumption. My voice. Uncensored. Take it or leave it.

My voice is one that I've muted far too long, for fear of not being a successful writer and damn it, just being polite and respectful.

I grew up as an East African-Indian-Canadian female who was taught to keep certain thoughts to myself and walk a defined path of least resistance that guarantees rewards. But something's gotta give. So for the Summer of 2011 and for more to come, I bring you My Summer of Love a.k.a. my voice uncorked.

My Summer of Love is a commitment to live to my happiest and fullest potential one sunny (mis)adventure at a time.....as a writer and a feeler of the full spectrum of human emotions, which are meant to be shared, questioned, challenged and hopefully, inspire you.