“Pay as you feel”. That’s the philosophy behind Founder Shanaka Fernando’s Melbourne restaurant, Lentil as Anything. Replacing a cash register is a box, where patrons can pay as much as they want for their meal. By ... more
I owe you an explanation and there really is no excuse for my lack of posts here. As you know, my journey to Australia is about living outside my comfort zone and telling you about the people, stories and experiences of this country. However, ... more
“What do you think you’re looking at?” Confused, I really could not say, but took a guess: “Sea coral?” “Sea coral, that’s interesting. It’s beeswax.” And so began the narrative that I would ... more
You can’t talk about Melbourne without talking about coffee. There are who knows how many coffee shops per square kilometre in the Central Business District (CBD) and beyond; a java junkie’s ground (pun intended), no doubt. Cool, ... more
It’s one of many Saturday nights in Sydney, just after 11 PM. He’s in the same state of being whenever I see him at the corner of George and Bathurst Streets: Smile permanently plastered across his face, body rocking fast and ... more
One year and one day ago today I made a commitment to live to my happiest and fullest potential one sunny (mis)adventure at a time. I called this commitment My Summer of Love. This meant doing things I enjoy, such as eating, learning and ... more