The summer, it seems, zoomed by in a flash. Kind of like a sugar daddy at the wheel of a Maserati, ripping through post-TIFF’ers in Yorkville. Luckily, I still have criss-cross sandal marks on my feet and a slightly caramel-licious tone to ... more
8.337 million strong. You are constantly going and in a rush. High energy. Quick to react. Ready to attack. Traffic-stacked. Struck bold by daylight I look upon you. Garish in colour, bright in flash….. The mantra to buy: a bordering 360 ... more
I owe you an explanation and there really is no excuse for my lack of posts here. As you know, my journey to Australia is about living outside my comfort zone and telling you about the people, stories and experiences of this country. However, ... more
You can’t talk about Melbourne without talking about coffee. There are who knows how many coffee shops per square kilometre in the Central Business District (CBD) and beyond; a java junkie’s ground (pun intended), no doubt. Cool, ... more
One year and one day ago today I made a commitment to live to my happiest and fullest potential one sunny (mis)adventure at a time. I called this commitment My Summer of Love. This meant doing things I enjoy, such as eating, learning and ... more
Summer in Sydney never really happened this year. I spent the last 6 months patiently waiting for it. It was like getting dressed up for a hot date and then realizing the man of your hour is a no-show. So when summer failed to knock on my door ... more