Cooking vegan for the last two weeks has allowed me to embark upon a culinary exploration of the delicious variety that’s possible on a plant-based diet. Often working with whatever is on-hand or leftover, I have surprised myself with ... more
Alright (healthy breakfast) cookie monsters, I heard you loud and clear about sharing my Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies. If you’ve ever wondered why I post food pictures on Facebook with no recipe it’s because I eyeball ... more
A dream he dreamed, he dreamed a wacky ice cream – turned liquid nitrogen gelato – dream. And it’s a lot of smoke without mirrors. A shroud of smoke that is, as you walk by the mad scientist hub-like quarters that is N2 ... more
“Pay as you feel”. That’s the philosophy behind Founder Shanaka Fernando’s Melbourne restaurant, Lentil as Anything. Replacing a cash register is a box, where patrons can pay as much as they want for their meal. By ... more
I owe you an explanation and there really is no excuse for my lack of posts here. As you know, my journey to Australia is about living outside my comfort zone and telling you about the people, stories and experiences of this country. However, ... more
You can’t talk about Melbourne without talking about coffee. There are who knows how many coffee shops per square kilometre in the Central Business District (CBD) and beyond; a java junkie’s ground (pun intended), no doubt. Cool, ... more