Archives: July 2014 - My Summer of Love

The Islam I’d like to be part of is one that embraces the realities of living in the West and acknowledges the various Muslim identities that attempt to inform, shape and revolutionize the religion. Call it à la carte Islam for the 21st ... more
You can’t talk about Melbourne without talking about coffee. There are who knows how many coffee shops per square kilometre in the Central Business District (CBD) and beyond; a java junkie’s ground (pun intended), no doubt. Cool, ... more
It’s one of many Saturday nights in Sydney, just after 11 PM. He’s in the same state of being whenever I see him at the corner of George and Bathurst Streets: Smile permanently plastered across his face, body rocking fast and ... more
Pacing back and forth across the street from Toronto Dominion Centre and Torys LLP on Wellington St. W, I am on a stylishly gorgeous manhunt. Bankers and lawyers hurriedly walk past, and as some of them do, I know they’re wondering what ... more
Videtrons silently flash colourful ads overhead. The AMC sign shines blood red. The buzz of cars and trucks standstill at a traffic light noisily pollute the air. A playful sounding horn, followed by a pedestrian announcement: “Walk sign ... more
Left of the red carpet aisle where the bride will walk down, perhaps seven rows down from the back, she swivels around in a chair.  Their eyes meet.  He smiles.  She knows if she smiles back at him, it will be a flash of a moment and she will ... more