N(ow)Y(ou)C Dom(iNation)

Posted on November 09, 2013 by Mahnaaz Dattu

8.337 million strong. You are constantly going and in a rush. High energy. Quick to react. Ready to attack. Traffic-stacked.


Struck bold by daylight I look upon you. Garish in colour, bright in flash…..


The mantra to buy: a bordering 360 degrees encasing me…..


Architecturally impressive, I look up and see your defining style…..



Guarded parametres of horror, days gone by…..

guarded parametres

Deep sunken memories filled by the void of sadness and tragedy…..

hollow sunken

The fallen engraved whisper their names…..


The petals of time blossom delicate rememberance…..


You down turn. You triumph. From economic depression to apparent succession. The financial rise and fall of the world at your beckoning. Powerless we follow…..


Your bridges, your waters: the path-waves of immigration history…..


Then, in the calm blanket of green I realize….

Blanket of green

You fall and rise…..

9:11 Mural

You are new in the old and old in the new…..

old and new

You are an uncontained burst of energy. Alive with rhythm, alive with colour…..

Burst of colour

So pop culture infused…..

Popculture infused

Seinfeld Restaurant

No wonder the world knows broadcast through you…..

NBC Building

How academic-envy I am, Journalism students, at Columbia U…..

Columbia U

Grandiose cathedral-upon-cathedral…..


So Grand and Central you are…..

GC_grand central station

Central Park

Culinary liberty of choice. I taste your Sex in the City on my lips…..

polenta eggplant eataly

Dominique Ansel Bakery chocolate mousse eclair

The creation of foodie fad now and new…..

Dominique Ansel Bakery

You hearken time, place and culture…..


New York China Town
And everywhere art displayed, story told…..


Uniquely-crafted. Artistic. I peer at you…..

NY Flatiron Building

You informed generations and created a class and  culture of readers at your epicentre and beyond…..


New York Times building

You travel through a never ending, blaring and bright stream of consciousness. Mind, matter and beyond, you define who-you-are-who-we-are now, tomorrow, forever…..

NY cabbies

New York, New York. Imposing, unforgiving, unapologetic and domineering. Stay as you are…..stay as you are…..







Writen in in Playing for Love

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