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Posted on May 31, 2013 by Mahnaaz Dattu

You’re launching a business or promoting a brand, a client or yourself online. You gotta cut through the competition and rank well on internet search engines. Are you gonna focus on your search (how people find you/the business online) or your social? (What people are saying about you/the business online)

The answer is both and you’re gonna do it with high energy Google juice: A concoction of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and a whole lotta social media saavy, cherry topped with good judgment.

SEO company Green Lotus and partner presented this recipe to online success at the YWCA Donate and Learn Workshop. Explaining the “how to” in the evolving world of online marketing were three industry experts: Sally Chung, Account Marketing Manager for Google; John Shehata, Executive Director of Search and Social Media at ABC News; and Bassem Ghali, Founder and Head of Client Strategy at Green Lotus.

From left, Donate and Learn presenters: Bassem Ghali, Sally Chung and John Shehata

How to get searched: Be at the front of the search engine results line

Sally focused on how context, relevancy and measurement are realized through Google AdWords. Her case in point: Person A is searching for a pizza place on their SmartPhone while downtown during a weekday evening. Person B is searching for a pizza place from their home, using their laptop on a weekend, close to noon.

In both cases, Sarotogga Pizza secured customers with a Google AdWords campaign, using time and place sensitive keywords. Person A found a $3/slice special with Google Map directions to Sarotogga. Person B found a $15 family meal special with an option to order online or phone in. The company now knows where, when and how their customers are searching for their business offerings.

Sally Chung on Google AdWords and GoMo

The core message in Sally’s presentation: This is the year of mobile. Technology seamlessly integrates to shape how we conduct our everyday activities and make purchasing decisions. This is captured in Google’s GoMo cleverly crafted ad: How They Got There (below). A very cool must watch that also demos the power of Google AdWords.

How to get social (the right way): You’re so online cool and everyone “likes”, “follows”, “shares” and “tags” what you say/show

Social Media expert John relayed 19 tips to increase social media engagement. There were some surprising stats behind them! Here are my top picks:

1) Post simple, concise and short updates —–> Posts with 80 characters garnered 27% more engagement

Time to refine my Tweet skills!

Send me (@naaz_dattu) an 80 character tweet explaining how a social media tip helps you manage your online presence

2) Ask a question/get people talking ——-> Fill in the blank statements resulted in 90% more engagement.

John on 19 tips for social media engagement

Holy _________! (unscramble the blank word: mgaceluao) Tweet answer @ naaz_dattu

3) Share stories with thumbnail photos ——-> Photos drew in 50% more “likes” than non-photo posts

Bassem Ghali of Green Lotus and Natalia Kantor of Big3 demonstrate how you can get fun with photos to promote your company event. In this case, the sunglasses represent the “search” vs. “social” promo for the YWCA Donate and Learn Workshop. Fun photos encourage “likes”, “shares”, “tags” and “comments”.

4) Post videos! Check out this video by Big3.  A group of us were asked for our reaction to the following: Rob Ford and the cocaine incident and winning a million bucks.

Share an awesome photo with me from the Donate and Learn Workshop and I will post it here, along with a link to your website

You’re a search and social rockstar or you’re the new kid on the block trying to search engine breakdance on Google: How to get and hold onto your mojo

Search master Bassem Ghali shared a wealth of SEO knowledge, from “Local SEO” to best practises and  how you can help search engine robots understand your website. My takeaway from it all: Learn how to optimize well with YouTube videos, Google Maps, images and media channels that disseminate your news with back links.

Bassem Ghali on SEO best practises

100% of proceeds from the Donate and Learn Workshop went to YWCA Toronto, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls through safe housing, job placement and leadership skills.

Donate and Learn Workshop sponsors included: Toronto Star, Epic Cruises and Big3

I found out about this awesome event on Toronto Meetup

*****All photos are courtesy of photographer Lubin Tasevski*****

Many thanks Lubin!


















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