Archives: December 2012 - My Summer of Love

I owe you an explanation and there really is no excuse for my lack of posts here. As you know, my journey to Australia is about living outside my comfort zone and telling you about the people, stories and experiences of this country. However, ... more
“Innerrrrrr beauty! Innerrrrrr beauty! Innerrrrr beauty woman! Look! Look! Look-y here!” These are the callings of Lily, an auctioneer-like caller for a fruit and vegetable kiosk at Sydney’s Paddy’s Market. ¬†She rolls ... more
Deep green and lush in history is the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. Everywhere you turn, a plant, tree, bird, funky, beautiful or mysterious looking thing fills your vision. This is the place to hug a tree, roll in the grass, make out, eat take ... more
Love it or hate it. Vegemite is a dark brown and paste-like toast-topping spread eaten by Australians. The stuff’s primarily made out of yeast extract, malt extract (barley), salt and vegetable and spice additives. It’s also Vitamin ... more
I was handed promotional flyers, complimentary gym passes and a clipboard. My goal: To get a minimum of twelve people to give me their phone numbers so sales representatives could phone them about membership. I had two hours flat to get the ... more