Archives: November 2011 - My Summer of Love

8.337 million strong. You are constantly going and in a rush. High energy. Quick to react. Ready to attack. Traffic-stacked. Struck bold by daylight I look upon you. Garish in colour, bright in flash….. The mantra to buy: a bordering 360 ... more
It was Friday night after work and work again, my glycemic index hit rock bottom. I had pizza c/o of a café that put me on trial as a waitress, but my body ripped through the calories. Chocolate. Situated about 10 minutes from where I live is ... more
Finding the ideal apartment or house for share in Sydney is a major challenge. Two days after I arrived, I began my hunt because I had two weeks to find my living quarters. I witnessed all sorts of living arrangements and met the interesting ... more
November 3rd after 7 in the evening Sydney time, the plane stopped to a halt and people started clapping. “I dunno why people clap,” said Dan, the mid-20-something year-old seated next to me. Forget clapping, I wanted to bound out of ... more