Archives: September 19, 2011 - My Summer of Love

The summer, it seems, zoomed by in a flash. Kind of like a sugar daddy at the wheel of a Maserati, ripping through post-TIFF’ers in Yorkville. Luckily, I still have criss-cross sandal marks on my feet and a slightly caramel-licious tone to ... more
“What do you think you’re looking at?” Confused, I really could not say, but took a guess: “Sea coral?” “Sea coral, that’s interesting. It’s beeswax.” And so began the narrative that I would ... more
The last day of Summer 2011 in Toronto has departed, with Fall ushering in at 5:04 AM today. With the sunny season now over, have I come full circle? What did I learn and am I a happier, fuller person? In February 2011, I was in a complete ... more
If you exude attitude like Prada, carry confidence like Coach and dress to kill like Jean Paul Gaultier, you can pull off lounge hopping in Toronto. Of course it helps if you’re a girl, but guys, you can do this too and there’s ... more
The Toronto Ukrainian Festival:  I would not know a Ukrainian if I saw one, but this weekend I saw many folk dance, sing, drink beer and eat.  And so I joined them and lost my Sauerkraut virginity.  Verdict: I enjoyed the cooked cabbage ... more
Forget going through a friend of a friend of a friend to get into an A-list TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) party. Nevermind dropping $150 a pop for a TIFF event ticket that may earn you bragging rights as Angelina Jolie’s ... more