Archives: August 2011 - My Summer of Love

Raise a fork and clink a glass in support of local eats for the Fifth Annual Picnic at the Brick Works on October 2nd.  Presented in partnership by Evergreen Brick Works and Slow Food Toronto, the picnic is a celebration of homegrown, Southern ... more
Donning black haired wigs, black jeans and leather vests, Hong Kong Fever (The Ringleader), Down-Lo Mein (The Yello Gigolo) and The Hunan Bomb (Killing Machine) sing in unison: “My face is going to get real red tonight, don’t have ... more
The EX is here. Pumpkin Spice lattes are back on coffee house menus. Back to school stationary is fully stocked in stores. The most notable sign that summer’s nearly over, though, is in the slight – but noticeable – drop in ... more
If you put an Indian-born, Dubai-raised comedian in an audience filled room with another Indian-born, Toronto-raised comedian what do you get? A saucy ménage à trois of a show that has a stroke of South Asian flavour with international ... more
Arriving at the Harbourfront Centre after a ho-hum time at another festival, I study the Masala! Mehndi! Masti! program. “Dirty Pakistani Lingerie: Six Pakistani American females air their dirty lingerie while struggling to find their ... more
Multicultural Toronto is home to more than 200 ethnic origins, of which the largest visible minority groups are South Asian followed by Chinese, Afro-Caribbean (Black), Filipino and Latin American. (2006 Census; Toronto’s racial ... more