Archives: June 2011 - My Summer of Love

Cooking vegan for the last two weeks has allowed me to embark upon a culinary exploration of the delicious variety that’s possible on a plant-based diet. Often working with whatever is on-hand or leftover, I have surprised myself with ... more
One year and one day ago today I made a commitment to live to my happiest and fullest potential one sunny (mis)adventure at a time. I called this commitment My Summer of Love. This meant doing things I enjoy, such as eating, learning and ... more
What is truth when it is contextual, strategic and self-motivated? What is truth when intention (mind) is not in sync with action (behaviour)? You don’t have to travel to learn about truth, but here on the other side of the world, my ... more
Panzerotti Village & Café (635 Markham St.) is an Italian eatery with a 1980’s vibe and a warm, familial atmosphere.  As you enter, your gaze is likely to be met with a smile from two Italian ladies, one of whom is the wife of Owner ... more
It was IIFA (Indian International Film Academy) weekend in Toronto and even though I did not have tickets to the awards show, I just had to get some Bollywood face time. How was I going to pull it off, with a trip to and from the suburbs for a ... more
Actor and Comedian Javed Jaffrey (Centre), Ricky and myself Producer and Director Rishi Kapoor Producer and Director brothers Rishi Kapoor (Left) and Randhir Kapoor (Right)... more