Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies

Posted by naaz on Monday March 28, 2016
Alright (healthy breakfast) cookie monsters, I heard you loud and clear about sharing my Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies. If you’ve ever wondered why I post food pictures on Facebook with no recipe it’s because I eyeball ... more
The summer, it seems, zoomed by in a flash. Kind of like a sugar daddy at the wheel of a Maserati, ripping through post-TIFF’ers in Yorkville. Luckily, I still have criss-cross sandal marks on my feet and a slightly caramel-licious tone to ... more
The Islam I’d like to be part of is one that embraces the realities of living in the West and acknowledges the various Muslim identities that attempt to inform, shape and revolutionize the religion. Call it à la carte Islam for the 21st ... more
8.337 million strong. You are constantly going and in a rush. High energy. Quick to react. Ready to attack. Traffic-stacked. Struck bold by daylight I look upon you. Garish in colour, bright in flash….. The mantra to buy: a bordering 360 ... more
You’re launching a business or promoting a brand, a client or yourself online. You gotta cut through the competition and rank well on internet search engines. Are you gonna focus on your search (how people find you/the business online) or ... more
A dream he dreamed, he dreamed a wacky ice cream – turned liquid nitrogen gelato – dream. And it’s a lot of smoke without mirrors. A shroud of smoke that is, as you walk by the mad scientist hub-like quarters that is N2 ... more
“Pay as you feel”. That’s the philosophy behind Founder Shanaka Fernando’s Melbourne restaurant, Lentil as Anything. Replacing a cash register is a box, where patrons can pay as much as they want for their meal. By ... more